1906 Club

Mr Tony Boddy of Harwich and Dovercourt Golf Club in Essex instigated the formation of the 1906 Club. The inaugural meeting was held at Horsforth Golf Club on August 12th 2005

Code Of The 1906 Club

The 1906 Club is made up of golf clubs that celebrated their Centenary in 2006. All Member Clubs agreed to offer golfing privileges to fellow Club Members under specified conditions. Members of South Bradford Golf Club may apply to play at any 1906 Club that is located more than 50 miles from South Bradford. (It is possible that by mutual agreement with certain golf clubs this condition may be waived).

Frequency Of Visits

No member would be expected to visit any one club more than once per annum except if a particular agreement is reached between the clubs.

Limit Of Member On Any One Visit

The number of golfers on any one visit is limited to a maximum of eight.

The Procedure

Members wishing to visit a 1906 Club should contact the Secretary of the club they wish to visit and check availability fo rthe date and time they would like to play. A number of clubs are unable to accept visitors at weekends – the list of Member Clubs gives an INDICATION regarding weekend availability.

A letter of introduction must be obtained from the South Bradfold Golf Club Secretary for presentation to the Secretary for the golf club being visited.

Member Clubs

As at May 2006 the number of Members Clubs stood at 40

Click here for a list of Members of 1906 Club