Mens Board Winners

2015 Winners


President’s   Prize J.Stones
Captain’s     Prize I.Percival
Ridy Scratch A.Busfield
Wade Bowl D.Wainwright
Piccadilly Scratch A.Busfield
Watson Trophy M.Coope + B.Coupe
Robertshaw Trophy R.Manks
Lee   Trophy M.Tillotson
Lumb Trophy P.Nutter
Bowler Iron D.Gearie
Handicap Trophy J.Shearer
R.G.W. Gross Trophy A.Busfield
Earnshaw Trophy R.Lathbury +  R.Lightowler
Annual Medal J.Shearer
Annual Stableford M.Pearson
Plowright Trophy J.Green +  A.L.Wilkinson
Fox   Salver A.Wray
K.E.Darvill P.Murphy
Geoff Wells Trophy P.Murphy
Past President’s G.Walsh
Stansfield Cup P.Murphy
Anniversary Trophy D.J.Curtin
25 Year Trophy D.J.Curtin
Ladies Anniversary N.Wilkinson
W.E.Harper L.Walls
H.H.Kellett R.Wilkinson
Vice-Captain’s Trophy M.Tillotson
Ian Moody G.Cooke
Player of the Year M.Heald
Past Captain’s Trophy D.J.Curtin
Centenary Trophy S.Gutsell
Vera Madden Trophy. R.Herbert
New Zealand Trophy L.Innes +  J.Shearer
Tiger of the Year M.Pearson


2014 Winners


President’s   Prize J.Kelly 63
Captain’s     Prize A.McGuinness 64
Ridy Scratch A.Busfield 69 +73(3 shots) 142
Wade Bowl D.Faulkner 70,70,67,64 271
Piccadilly Scratch A.Busfield
Watson Trophy P.Best + D.Hall Bt. Stirks
Robertshaw Trophy M.Tillotson Bt. G.Russell
Lee    Trophy M.Hollyoak 65
Lumb  Trophy P.Sayer 66
Bowler Iron P.Kilduff 66
Handicap Trophy N.Butcher 66
R.G.W. Gross  Trophy J.Stirk 42pts.
Earnshaw  Trophy S.O’Brien + B.Walsh 68
Annual Medal R.Lathbury 71
Annual Stableford M.Tune 39pts.
Plowright Trophy Mrs.J.Walsh + R.V.Cutler 69
Fox    Salver P.Nutter 66 + 62(5 shots) 128
K.E.Darvill P.Gee 44pts. Ilkley
Past President’s A.Lewis 36pts.
Stansfield Cup J.Fletcher +6 July
Anniversary  Trophy D.Benn 41pts.
25 Year Trophy R.Peel 37pts.
Ladies Anniversary S.Clark
W.E.Harper A.Maud
H.H.Kellett E.Dooley 63 May
Vera Madden Not Played
Vice-Captain’s Trophy D.Gearie
Ian Moody L.Walls 65
Player of the Year L.Walls
Past Captain’s Trophy A.Wells 37pts.
Centenary Trophy A.McGuinness 65
A.S.Fox  Trophy Not Played
I.H.Wilkinson Junior 4 B.B.B.
New Zealand Trophy P.Bevin + S.P.Thompson 86pts.